Elenburg releases ban on Vape Juices

Ever since the FDA has ruled that Vape juices are no more harmful than cigarettes, Elenburg releases restrictions on Vape Juice sales.

With released restrictions, Elenburg residents now have access to more vape juice flavors than ever before! Vape trends are rising – Elenburg seeks to benefit from this rising trend of vaping.

Since the lifted ban of vape juice related products, sales have skyrocketed upwards to quadrupled in sales in some cases . More and more and stepping away from traditional smoking methods and adopting new vape pens and mods.

Healthier and less damaging – Elenburg residents agree

Elenburg residents voted and the the city council listened. Former bans on the vape juice products have been lifted after it’s been found that the health effects have been exaggerated. Now that we have the facts, people are realizing that Vape is a great alternative to other hazardous forms of nicotine.